Thursday, November 30, 2006

California Coastal Access Bloggers

A few intrepid souls have begun to use their blogs to alert others to coastal access issues in their area. Here are some I found:

California Coastal Travel Blogs

Each year, the Califoria coast attracts millions of visitors. Many have begun to write about their experiences on web blogs. Here are some I've found:

Blogging the California Coast

A newcomer to blogs, I'm beginning to find quite a few blogs that record the coastal experience. Searching for blogs that contain "California", and either "coastal access" or "beach access" resulted in many responses. While many of these are contained in travel journals, other blogs entries reveal the writer's passion for places they cherish along the coast.

I'm going to use the first few posts to this blog to provide some organization to the search results. If I have any chance of turning this blog into a useful resource, it will result from helping passionate Californian coastal activists communicate with each other more effectively.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Accessing Coastal Views

During 2007, issues concerning access and preservation of the California coast will be brought before local county planning commissions, county boards of supervisors, and regional and state coastal commissions.

California Coastal Trail advocates will be marking the trail with the newly-approved Trail Logo, and issues surrounding the Trail will surface needing widespread discussion.

Partnerships with the many organizations which are concerned with the entire coastal environment (ocean, rivers, beaches, development, etc.) requires an open dialogue on a broad range of topics.

I invite those who have contributions to these discussions to contact me to gain access to the posting process.