Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 California Coastal Views Film Festival


Once again, California Coastal Views is hosting a video festival made up of scenes of the California coast which appear on YouTube. For the next month, I'll be looking on Google Earth, and querying entrants from the previous festival, to assemble here the nominees.

Eligible videos must show the California coast, must not have competed in previous CCV festivals, and be loaded on YouTube no later than July 15th, 2010. No real estate sale promotions or chamber of commerce ads. The divisions and categories will be developed to account for the length (shorts, up to five minutes, feature length) and amount of features (music, transitions, advanced editing). I'm currently scanning Google Earth starting at Wright's Beach and heading north to the Oregon border. Then, I'll start again south to Mexico. Nominees are invited to submit links directly to me at Deadline for submission is October 31, 2010. Finalists will be announced on December 31st, and winners on January 31st, 2011.

This post will be updated with nominees, in divisions and categories as they are developed.

1. Chasing the Wing at Goat Rock
2. Soaring with Omi
3. KayakSurf2
4. Goat Rock Atos Flight
5. The Thin Red Whine
6. The End of Science
7. Russian River Estuary Breach
8. Freckles
9. Sonoma Wine Country - Gerard Nebesky's Paella
10. Suited up after diving in the ocean
11. Pacific Ocean west of Sebastopol
12. Jerry and Elaine Meet the Ocean
13. Looking over the Cliff
14. Sea Ranch View
15. Kristynka's tatou
16. Sea Ranch je na pobrezi Ticheho oceanu
17. The Sea Ranch
18. Gualal in March 2009
19. Sunset to Sunrise Time Lapse Movie
20. Bowling Ball Beach
21. Climbing out of Bowling Ball Beach
22. Waves at Pt Arena Lighthouse, Pt 1
23. Waves at Pt Arena Lighthouse, Pt 2
24. Looking South from Pt Arena
25. Navarro Beach, Mendocino
26. Seaside Beach, Mendocino
27. Mendocino Madness
28. Fogbank Mendocino
29. Canoe Trip @ the mouth of Big River
30. 43 seconds in Mendocino
31. Mendocino RC Aerial Video
32. Mendocino
33. Mendocino Coast:Beauty and the Coast
34. Sonoma-Mendocino Coast, California by
35. TAKS Russian Gulch Paddle
36. Floating Rocks, Living Water
37. RC Aerial Video Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
38. Mendocino Ca Photo slideshow
39. Mendocino Coast from the Ft Bragg Botanical Gardens
40. Waves near Ft. Bragg, California
41. RC Aerial Video Noyo Bay
42. Mendocino Rock Garden Whitewater Kayak
43. 090202 Mendocino Rock Garden Sea Kayak
44. Dream Ride with Lari Shea
45. View of Glass Beach, Ft Bragg
46. Ft Bragg, Glass Beach
47. 360 degree pan at Pudding Creek
48. Ft Bragg March 1984
49. 10 Mile Beach, Cleone
50. Inglenook Beach Hack 2003
51. Up the California Coast
52. The California Coast
53. ZX10 kneedown 2
54. Hwy One Near Westport
55. Lost at the Coast
56. Lost Coast
57. Paralyzed Baby Seal
58. Landing Shelter Cove
59. I Miss You My Loves RIP!
60. Black Sands Beach near Shelter Cove
61. Something
62. The Green Flash is Real
63. Boat Fire Mirage and Green Flash
64. Irideus fly boxes #2
65. Table Bluff
66. Humboldt Bay Tow-In Surfing
67. Harbor Entrance
68. Samoa Dunes Eureka
69. Fire in the Hole
70. Baby Seal Looks for Mother
71. Here it Goes Again
72. Downhill Dune-ing
73. Pyramid Boulder at Moonestone Beach
74. Cliff Watch
75. Big Starfish
76. Wild Octopus Hunting a Fish
77. Sea Lions Rafting in Humboldt
78. Tidepools of Humboldt County
79. Is this a Great White Shark?
80. A Hitchhiker's Guide to the USA - HWY 101 NorCal
81. Ocean Romp at Pacific Coast '06
82. Waves Roll in as Sun Sets
83. Road Trip: Northern California Coast
84. Minya Tells about Thomas
85. Klamath River Sept 2002 part 5
86. Aug 22nd Crescent City, California
87. January 2009, Crescent City
88. Westies at Shell Beach
89. Sonoma Coast
90. Portugese Beach Surf
91. Blue Green Ocean
91. Returned to the Wild
92. Bodega Bay
93. Kitesurfing near Bodega Bay
94. Nickel Creek - The House of Tom Bombadil
95. Trike flying - buzzing the beach
96. Jan 11 2009 Bodega Bay
97. Bodega Bay Waves Part 3
98. 24 Novembre
99. High Tide - Original Song by Stan Wells
100. Casey Fetches at Dillon Beach
101. Nitro Evader BX on the sand
102. Casey Fetches at Dillon Beach
103. Dillon Beach Kite Fight
104. RC Aerial Video - Lawson's Landing - Pt Reyes, Calfornia
105. Brenda Bike Rides
106. Front flips - Don't try it at home
107. Lawson's Landing July 2009
108. Joe Plays Guitar
109. Lawson's Landing Veteran's Day 2005
110. Mazie at the Beach
111. Dillon Beach Storm, just arrived
112. Earth 2004
113. Heath Taka Tomales Bay Oyster Tour
114. Anti-MS Crew at Waves to Wine 2008
115. Weasel at Point Reyes National Seashore
116. Waves at Point Reyes
117. Tomales Pt 5-09
118. Tamilya Hotshot in the Sand
119. Tamilya Brat on the Beach
120. Point Reyes National Seashore
121. Estimated Reyes
122. Point Reyes Lighthouse
123. Point Reyes Flight
124. Oysters Overload
125. Mega Yacht Malteze Falcon headed for Marin
126. Kayaking Surf Start and Landing
127. Cup Chasing
128. Scott runs with Pups
129. Point Reyes, Coast Camp Beach
130. Lion King Finishes American Discovery Trail
131. Alamere Falls 4th Nov 2008
132. Surfing in Bolinas
133. Nice Landing Stinson Beach
134. Skt Hans on Muir Beach
135. Marin Headlands Casio EX-FS10 Slow Motion
136. Trip to SF-GGNRA
137. Harbor Seal Pup
138. Kirby Cove Fete 2
139. Vista Point at GG Bridge
140. GGBridge Bike Ride on a foggy day
141. Golden Gate Bridge at Night
142. Golden Gate to Baker Beach
143. Batteries to Bluffs Trail
144. Sutro Baths
145. San Francisco 5
146. Surfing Ocean Beach at Kelly's Cove
147. Thom Ross - Buffalo Bill at Ocean Beach
148. RIP-Son of City
149. Hangglide Fort Funston
150. Supervictorio Hoopin at Mavericks Break
151. Crabbing in Half Moon Bay
152. Herb's shot on the 18th hole at Half Moon Bay
153. San Gregorio Beach