Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mike Frey, A True Friend of the Coast


Yesterday morning, the Board of Sonoma Coast Surfriders surprised a retiring member with a presentation at the coastal town of Dillon Beach.  Mike Frey, who has spent the last 25 plus years supporting and leading efforts to keep beaches and the ocean clean, and whose clear guidance has helped his colleagues chart their way through many environmental battles, was given a custom surfboard emblazoned with the Surfrider Foundation logo and a tribute to his service.

Though Mike told me he'd still be around and helping, I know his struggle with muscular dystrophy and some serious family needs will begin to dominate his time and energy.  All of us hope to see him enjoying the board, and will make sure to circulate any advice he wants to offer.  He has and will continue to be a true friend of the coast.

To see the photos I took, click on Mike Frey.