Sunday, March 25, 2007

California Coastal Views Film Festival


The First Annual California Coastal Views Film Festival has begun. Film entries providing non-commercial California coastal views are being acquired from those submitted to The film competition will be judged as follows:

Films are being collected from those tagged with key words indicating they contain scenes of the California coast. Until May 1st, they will screened and separated into logical categories (coastrides, places and wildlife, trips, waves and surfers, etc.). From May 6th until May 2, a group of judges will be asked to narrow the selections to the top ten in each of the categories. The final judging will be done by the members of the 2003 California Coastal Expedition, those who walked the entire coast of California during that spring and summer. Links to the winning films will be sent to this year's coastwalkers prior to their scheduled walks on California's coastal counties. Coastwalk's reputation for hosting walks in California counties over the past 24 years makes it especially qualified to partner with us to help coastal activists enjoy these films.

Here are those we've selected so far:

Shoot and Present Division
  • Bach California

  • Bike ride to Nois for lunch

  • Driving along California coast, Big Sur 2004

  • Coast Starlight

  • Drive on PCH from Santa Monica to Malibu

  • Mary's Birthday Driving The Pacific Coast Highway

  • driving down the west coast

  • Mendocino Coast driving tour

  • On the road...

  • On the Coast Starlight

  • Huntington Beach

  • Places
  • San Francisco 11-30-2006

  • West Coast - California

  • Ventana Campground Big Sur California

  • The Pacific crashing into Pescadero, CA

  • Sonoma County Coast

  • Northern CA Coast - Redwood National Park

  • Pacific Coast Highway - California (08Sep06)

  • Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur

  • Pacific Coast Highway SUNSET near Big Sur

  • Pacific Grove Lover's Point Beach

  • pacifica

  • Paradise Cove-Malibu-California

  • Pescadero Waves

  • pier one

  • Pigeon Point

  • Pt. Mugu - this winter

  • Restaurant on Cannery row Monterey

  • Mystic Coast

  • Near Mendocino Coast in California

  • Montana De Oro

  • Monterey bay scene

  • Lighthouse - Battery Point

  • Lost Coast Hike

  • Lost Coast hiking

  • Lost Coast, California


  • kayak that way

  • kayak this way

  • Gold Bluffs of Northern California

  • Hearst Castle Bus Ride

  • High tide hiking and the Lost Coast

  • Xmas Day at Grove Beach

  • Laguna Beach CA waves

  • Otto is fine, at the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Northern California

  • Cliffs at Ocean Beach

  • davenport cliffs - taken by christina

  • Monterey

  • 17 Mile Drive

  • Beach Impeachment

  • California Screamin'

  • California sunsets

  • Catalina Island

  • Coast Starlight and UP at Jalama Beach

  • Sunset at La Selva Beach

  • O.C.Coast

  • Central California Coast

  • Trips
  • 2006 California Birthday Trip

  • Big Sur Coast

  • California Coast 1

  • California Coast Tour Summer 2005

  • California Coast

  • California Coast4

  • California Coastal Trip2

  • California Coastline

  • California Life

  • Santa Cruz Adventure

  • Up the CA coast to Shell Beach

  • US Road-Trip, December '06

  • USA West Coast Trip 2006

  • USA West Coast Trip in 2005

  • Tour of California's Central Coast

  • Trip to Humboldt

  • Trip to Mendocino

  • The Searcher Long Range Pelagic

  • The California Coast

  • The California Coastline

  • The Journey is the Destination, Part 4 -- California Coast

  • Rhythms of the California Coast

  • Road Trip California 2006

  • nor cal trip

  • Mr. Dieds goes to Butano

  • My Central Coast

  • My US Trip - LA to San Francisco - up the Pacific Coast Hwy

  • mama and papa plum

  • mendocino county trip

  • California Trip '04

  • california winter 2005 starbar

  • L.A. to San Jose Timelapse

  • Highway #1 - California (2)

  • Highway #1 - California

  • Day 11-California SR 36

  • Edge of the World

  • Fiero Convoy Crosses Bixby Bridge

  • Flying to Morro Bay

  • Globe Trekker California

  • Feeling Good

  • Why I Walk

  • From Big Sur to SF

  • Central California Coast

  • Central Coast Steelhead

  • Coast Trip 1

  • Coast Views Slide show - Tudor ApMadoc

  • Cornelius and the gang find California

  • Central California Coast Remix

  • Foggy Summer California Beach

  • Newport Beach and Pier Los Angeles

  • Tour of California's Central Coast

  • Goat Rock Beach, Jenner, CA

  • San Diego Pits

  • View From the Cliff House of Ocean Beach San Francisco

  • A Day at the Beach

  • Pacific Grove Lover's Point Beach

  • Waves and Surfing
  • Waves at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

  • Surf at the Sea Ranch on Dec. 9, 2006

  • Surf at The Sea Ranch, 12-28-06

  • Laguna Beach Waves

  • Venice Beach Waves

  • Otto is fine, surfing Malibu Beach

  • Otto is fine, surfing Venice Beaach

  • Waves Crash on Rocks (long)

  • Goat Rock Beach, Ca

  • High Surf at Goat Rock Beach, California

  • bryan heaveys big air at seal beach

  • SEAL BEACH 15ft

  • South Side Seal Beach

  • Seal Beach Surf

  • My 1st Surf Video

  • Surf in Newport Beach, California

  • Big Surf in OB

  • Surfing in Ocean Beach

  • Sunset Cliffs Surfing

  • OB Jetty

  • Ocean Beach Jetty Surf Movie

  • Deaf and Surf Culture (ASL VLOG)

  • 3 Deaf surfers at Marine Corps base (ASL VLOG)

  • Deaf Surf Lesson at La Jolla Shores

  • Ocean Beach San Francisco (1/23/07)

  • OB surf, corns

  • World Surf Tour 2006: San Francisco

  • Epic waves at Ocean Beach, Part II

  • Epic waves at Ocean Beach, Part I

  • Jordan, the surfer

  • Surfers in Half Moon Bay and San Francisco late Oct 06

  • OBSF 111903

  • Heavy Surf #2 - Baker Beach, San Francisco Dec 10, 2006

  • Heavy Surf - Baker Beach, San Francisco Dec 10, 2006

  • Surfing Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA 11/21/2005

  • Surfing San Francisco Ocean Beach 30 Nov 06

  • ocean beach waves

  • Rodeo Beach

  • Wildlife
  • Brittle Star Wiggles

  • Elephant Seals near San Simeon, CA

  • Elephant Seals

  • Monterey Otters

  • Seals & Squirrels

  • Salmon Fishing Northern California

  • Whale Rescue Team

  • Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo

  • Edited Division
    Some combination of titles, music, graphics, transitions, special effects, interviews, or narration in general editing story-telling.
  • California Ride

  • California Ride Sequoia & PCH

  • Highway 1 on the northern California coast.

  • Ride from Big Sur, Califorina

  • Pacific Surfliner

  • Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance

  • Places and Wildlife
  • Willow Creek - Big Sur

  • Tidepools, Elfin Forest and Valencia Peak

  • The Light House

  • O.C. Coast

  • Ocean Scenes - Coastal Highway, CA

  • Trips

    Waves and Surfing


    If you have a video on the web which features California coastal views, and want it to be considered, provide a comment as to how to locate it.


    lizze said...

    I am honoured that you have picked my clip "Xmas Day at Grove Beach" to be part of this!

    There are some really nice videos that you have chosen.


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you so much for selecting my video to such festival event. I admire the California landscape a try to capture it into creative footages. I’d also suggest you look into other of mine at like Surfers at the "Hook", Venice surfers, Sunset, Purple Sunset, Sunset Surfer, California Sunset, Surfing Away, Sunset at Ocean Beach or any other it might appeal to you. Such shame I got no time to edit others like my last Yosemite & Monterey trip. Once again: I appreciate your interest on having my work at the Festival!

    Anonymous said...

    This is a great idea -- excellent videos of our state's wonderful coastal areas. Many thanks for including my little video. :-)

    -- Mr. Dieds

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for considering my video as well! Quite surprised to see my video, "California Birthday Trip 2006", picked up -since it was intended to just be a personal travelogue.

    I've bookmarked this page to watch the other videos and keep as a reference to other place to explore when along the coast. Keep it up.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for considering my video as well! Quite surprised to see my video, "California Birthday Trip 2006", picked up -since it was intended to just be a personal travelogue.

    I've bookmarked this page to watch the other videos and keep as a reference to other place to explore when along the coast. Keep it up.

    Anonymous said...

    This is great info to know.