Sunday, October 28, 2012

Joining Google Plus to Save the California Coast


I'm on Google + now, and I encourage those who care about the California coast who want to be members of a regular online conversation group of similar activists with a computer with a camera and microphone (anything bought in the last year or two), and a gmail email account (free), to add a Google Plus account (free) and search for me (Gregory Fearon).  Add me to a circle (This Blog's name), and I'll be notified.  Or just send me an email that you've joined.  I'll find and put you in one of my circles.

I'm planning on using Google Plus's Hangouts (audio/video conferencing - free) to help us work on making sure that access to the California coast is preserved, and that our coastal resources are protected.  We can look at development issues together, share documents, and enlist the world to help us when we need them.

It helps make saving the coast fun.  And we need all the fun we can get.  Come and see.

Gregory Fearon
Board Member
Coastwalk California

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